Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning



The window cleaning is one of the essential parts of your house chores. Every household tends to clean up their windows at a different segment of time either on a daily basis or alternate basis. It doesn’t really matter how often you clean your windows, the most important attribute is to know the different pattern and skills on how to clean up different types of windows. If for instance, your intention is to clean up your glass windows, apparently the method will be different on how you clean up the vinyl window or even the tinted windows .However, it is quite important that you know the different method and techniques on how each type of window is been cleaned.



The glass window tends to be the most popular used window both on the building as well as cars. The glass window has to be carefully cleaned in other to avoid any scratches or any unwanted marks since they are glass made windows they can easily be broken or scratched if not handled properly. Meanwhile, if you want to go ahead in cleaning up a glass window, it is advisable to reach out to the professional commercial agents at San Diego window cleaning or if you live in north county try Escondido Window Cleaning who are trained and qualified for such purpose. Although you can as well choose to make your own window look cleaner and appealing. This will definitely save you a lot of money from purchasing expensive materials. You actually need vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, ammonia and some amount of warm water. You can as well make use of other method of the cleaning solution of corn starch, ammonia, and water in cleaning up your entire window. The best part is to work with what is available to you and clean up your glass windows together with a soft sponge or soft cloth to make sure that there are no forms of scratches on your glass windows.



If you are living in a house that has vinyl glass, you definitely have to be extra careful while handling it. Vinyl glass is actually convenient and beautiful for the modern houses just on the aspect of the replacement quality and their ability to be taken out completely for the cleaning purposes. Meanwhile, the cleaning of vinyl window is a bit more complicated compared to the glass window. The main reason for such difference is because the vinyl window is less scratch resistant which seems very difficult to handle. Perhaps, you can tend to make unique cleaning method for vinyl windows as well. In cleaning a vinyl window get Murphy’s oil soap, vinegar, dish soap or detergent to go on with the cleaning process. The importance of Murphy soap is because it plays a vital role in getting rid of any water spots that often form on your cleaning windows. So it is advisable to clean the vinyl windows with the above ingredient and always remember to make use of soft clothes while cleaning the windows.



Tinted windows are being installed in your car or office which also needs a special care while cleaning it, more especially in the safety of tint glass. You have to be very sure and certain that you do not make use of ammonia or ammonia included soaps because they tend to be too strong and effective on your tinted windows which can result to damaging the tint to a certain length with a prolonged use. So make use of a mild soap in carefully cleaning your tinted windows in making your tinted window more spectacular and appealing.

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